How to Enabling Audit Policy Collection

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Active Directory Webcasts Collection

Active Directory Webcasts Collection
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Working with Active Directory Permissions in Microsoft Exchange, How to Delegate to Exchange Administrators
Microsoft release a guide that helps Exchange architects in their understanding of how Exchange uses Active Directory in the context of permissions.
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Allow Cross-Forest User Policy and Roaming User Profiles

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Group Policy\Allow Cross-Forest User Policy and Roaming User Profiles

Allows User based policy processing, Roaming User Profiles and User Object logon scripts for cross forest interactive logons. This setting affects all user accounts interactively logging on to a computer in a different forest when a Cross Forest or 2-Way Forest trust exists. When this setting is Not Configured: - No user based policy settings are applied from the user's forest - User will not receive their roaming profiles, they will receive a local profile on the computer from the local forest. A warning message will be shown to the user, and an Event Log message (1529) will be posted. - Loopback Group Policy processing will be applied, using the Group Policy Objects scoped to the machine. - An Event Log message (1109) will be posted stating that Loopback was invoked in replace mode. When this setting is Enabled, the behavior is exactly the same as with Windows 2000 Server Family, User policy is applied and a roaming user profile is allowed from the trusted forest. When this setting is Disabled, the behavior is the same as Not Configured.

This Group Policy setting is supported on:
  • At least Microsoft Windows Server 2003
This Group Policy setting contains registry settings:
  • HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System!AllowX-ForestPolicy-and-RUP
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